Its ok to have MOOD..

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My Mood is okay right? Mood are not so bad depending on who you tell that too. Have you ever said to yourself why am I feeling crummy? Maybe you have a mood and you just haven’t addressed it. Well gang let me start first by addressing mine….


Dear Mother in Me,

You have so much to be proud of. You have accomplished one of the hardest task that any human being can go through CHILD BIRTH!
You’re now getting the slight hang of this responsibility called motherhood. Everyday you are adjusting to new ways to be mink, loving, stern, entertaining, and a cuddly blanket. But you didn’t know it was going to be this hard did you mother in me. Its not like when you were playing mommy and baby when you were a little girl. (the baby cries back and LOUD.)

I’ve seen you try to keep it together…

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Discover the world through Ms. Johnsons Eyes.


When I was a young girl I always wanted to see things through another person eyes. I would sit next to someone and wondered what exactly are they thinking, what are they looking at, how are they looking me?

Well, now you can do this thanks to the new social media platform  Periscope made by Twitter. I am so in love with Periscope if I could hug it I would. Periscope motto is “Discover the world through someone else’s eyes” and it does just that. I’ve been scoping for a week now and I’ve made it my new bff. I mean who doesn’t like the opportunity to see and or view what people & celebrities are seeing and thinking all over the world LIVE.

One of the people that I make  appoint to follow on Twitter and now on Scope is VH1’s Christina Johnson from the hit show Atlanta Exes. She won me over from the show but now seeing her on Periscope confirmed to me of who she is on and off camera.
Humbleness, Honesty, Transparency are the best words to describe her which is a BIG A plus for me.


The thing that I like about her scopes is that she brings us into her world from hanging out with friends to opening her home andwatching her beau Willy cooking in the kitchen. There is definitely no staging here. Just authentic Christina.

So now my morning routine is get coffee and check to see if Ms. Johnson is scoping which nine times out ten she is. One day while peering into one of her scopes I had the opportunity to peek at her cosmetic line ButterFly Efx which she and  Celebrity Make Up Artist Toni Acey has created together.


The first thing that I noticed about ButterFly Efx was the packaging.

I was very impressed with the chic metallic silver color choice for the lipsticks and the tranquil mixed with fantasy of the butterfly logo which is wrapped around the stackable lipglosses.

As a consumer of make up the first thing that makes me want to buy a product is packaging first then learn more about the product. So in typical Zelda fashion I went to the website which did not disappoint.

What caught my eye as I went through each page of the site is that the product holds true to its motto “brand inspired by the delicateness and highly pigmented wings of a butterfly.” (hench the name Butterfly Efx)

Also what impressed me was how affordable the products are, and the thought that was put into each models photograph to present the pigmentation of the brand.

Did I mention that they have lip tattoos!!!

I for sure can say that I will be purchasing these lipsticks & glosses. Check out ButterFly Efx cosmetics  at

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-“Never leave your house with out your lipstick”



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Bershan Shaw creator of I Am A Warrior Tour

On a hot, sunny, June Saturday morning, something inside of me said, “this will be the day of change.” My inner soul was right. From the time the elevator doors opened, the energy of the I Am A Warrior Conference’s essence was in the air. There were all smiles from the people who were eager to attend, and learn from the best. This truly made my inner soul glad to be amongst kindred spirits. My good friend, and co-host Robyn gave me a glance of approval, as we walked towards the registration table.

I was very impressed with how friendly the customer service was for this event, being that  I’m real stickler on how I am greeted at conferences such as these. Their warmth won me over from the welcome. Oh yeah, and the swag bags (wink)…

As we waited in the lobby for the doors to open to be seated, vendors from all walks of life were set up in the lobby, from unique clothing shops to make up, everyone with a SMILE. We were immediately seated by I Am A Warrior Tour’s publicist, who, to say the least, was on her game the whole event.

Everything in the conference hall was well put together. Orange, Yellow, and white were the theme colors for this empowerment event, keeping me in a joyous mood. Perfect Selfie Moment. CHEESE! The DJ had the room swaying in their seats with music of empowerment. From a person that knows music, I appreciated how it set the mood for gearing to be a WOMEN OF Power. The opening of this event was of Meditation and prayer, preparing everyone in tune to receive what was to come.

Radio Personality, Ms. Michelle Wright introduced the lady of the hour with full gratitude and love. I thought to myself “Wow women do ROCK”.

The double doors opened. The lady of the hour, Mrs. Bershan Shaw, entered in a gorgeous orange summer dress and cute flats (of course I would be paying attention to that first. Hey, I couldn’t help it) Loud booming rounds of applause busted into the air as she took the stage to ‘Celebration’ from Kool and the Gang! Mrs. Shaw clapped her hands, encouraging everyone to join in as she celebrated this movement of being a WARRIOR!!


Bershan Shaw Celebrating!

As the energy died down, the music began, while Bershan spoke on the meaning of the conference. If you didn’t know by now, Bershan is a breast cancer survivor. Her foundation is called, “I Am A Warrior” because she used that power of being a WARRIOR to get through her cancer,and beating it.

“It’s about changing your mindset. Changing your pain to a purpose!” Bershan stated with passion. Her transparency of why she has started this tour was very real. As she continued on her introduction, she had each person in attendance to write down three goals, having us to understand they’re all reachable, if you believe and change your thinking. “Don’t settle, Don’t just get by, Don’t be mediocre, Don’t just do” she shouted out.

As I heard those words being spoken, I took a glance around the room. Every woman in the room now not only were Amen-ing in their own way, moving as a unified body, prepared to embrace the speakers to come.


Chenoa & Kiyah Wright Panelist Members

Open forum was the formula for this WARRIOR conference. To me, every speaker at this conference felt that they were hand-picked for this particular event, keeping the spirit of what Ms. Shaw was trying to portray. Each speaker had the same common goal to be transparent, be real, and to be of POWER.


Chenoa, Kym Lee, Kiyah Wright Panelist for the BeaYoutiful Session.


Cortney Hicks & Michele Wright give a Smile also panelist

My experience of this event ignited something inside of me. My co-host and I agreed to speak only about our experience of the I Am A Warrior Tour on Snatched Sundays’ Show. Press play below, and view our personal take on how the conference has changed our lives. ENJOY!!








Its ok to have a MOOD..


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My Mood is okay right? Moods are not so bad depending on who you tell that too. Have you ever said to yourself why am I feeling crummy? Maybe you have a mood and you just haven’t addressed it. Well gang let me start first by addressing mine….


Dear Mother in Me,

You have so much to be proud of. You have accomplished one of the hardest task that any human being can go through CHILD BIRTH!
You’re now getting the slight hang of this responsibility called motherhood. Everyday you are adjusting to new ways to be mink, loving, stern, entertaining, and a cuddly blanket. But you didn’t know it was going to be this hard did you mother in me. Its not like when you were playing mommy and baby when you were a little girl. (the baby cries back and LOUD.)

I’ve seen you try to keep it together and be the best mom you can be but I’m disappointed in you mother in me… Yes you! You promised yourself something that you didn’t commit to. You’ve gotten comfortable. You lost the most important thing about yourself.. YOU!

Your style, your swanky, the sexiness that you pride yourself on. Before you became a mother you are a WOMAN. No no no the kid can’t be your excuse that you can’t  pull yourself together, wipe those peas off your face, get off out of those oversized outfit that you lived in for nine month, and find yourself again.

You made a promise to me the woman inside the mommy in you to always take time to be YOU and make time for YOU. What happend?
Yes I know you have a MAN and we both know that men are visual but its not about that its about you the individual.

So think of this being your friend-trevention and let’s love me again.

The Woman in Me 💋

Ms. Z
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Featured Fridays w/ YouTube Make Up & Hair Guru Pretty P Collins

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Its another FEATURED FRIDAY!!!!

I had the pleasure of speaking to the wonderful Ms.Pretty P Collins. Her insight on the YouTube industry and how she started was very refreshing and humbling. She owns up to her name “Pretty” and her down to earth spirit makes you feel like she is your girlfriend that you’ve known for ages.

This is our girl talk….


Ms. Z

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Dance, Dance, Dance!!! Interview w/ Choreographer & Dancer Chandini


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Have you ever thought about how to get on to stardom with DANCE?!

In this interview candid interview with Artist Director for Beauty for Ashes Project Chandini. I was able to speak freely about my first LOVE DANCE!!! Hearing her experience and view on the dance world and its evolutions really gave an eye opening experience to not just myself but to are viewers as well.

I hope that you enjoy this interview as we did.. Click on the video below to watch on interview. 

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Spring into Fashion – International Style! Interview with Stylist Nini


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I’ve been having so much FUN getting to know this lady. She has been so a delight to talk to and get to know through fashion. This Serbia Native has a sense of style that ranges from the UK to Greece. She is not only a fashionista but beautiful!!!! We were able to talk fashion through article because she is overseas but that didn’t stop her from taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak to me. Here is our interview.

1. How did you get into Fashion Industry?

I got into fashion accidentally . I have always been interested in fashion , mostly because of my grandmother who has been fashion lover, herself. Since I was a little girl she was styling me , later on dad continued to be someone who is picking out the most elegant clothes for me , and someone who has huge influence on my taste for fashion , even today… I got noticed by some people who work in fashion , through social media , and had offers to do styles for events and photo shoots. Some of them were from US , and since I’m based out in Europe-Serbia , we did online styling.

2. How do you describe your style of fashion?

My personal style I would describe as very simple , but elegant. I like blazers very much , which can make a simple outfit look elegant , and simple dresses that compliments women’s figure.


3. Who inspires you in the fashion industry?

There are very few people in the industry who inspire me , and who’s fashion ideas I can say that I like all the time. One of those very few people are Victoria Beckham , Kim Kardashian (her stylist Monica Rose ) and a woman ,which I consider one of the best dressed women , is definitely Jelena Karleusa. I’m guessing most of the people do not know who Jelena is , but in last few weeks all world media were talking about Kim K copying her style. I would not really agree with those “copying” rumors , but there are definitely , a lot of similarities in their style.

4. Because you are in the UK what styles that you see that trend both in UK and in America?

The latest fashion trends are trending in both UK and US, but also in Serbia as well. Edgy, R&B type of style is one of the styles that you can see a lot in both countries…Also , two pieces style… I feel like that is taking over the world lol.


5. What is the difference in style between UK and America?

Styles in Serbia and America at the same time are very different , but then again very similar. I would describe style in Serbia as more simple and less experimenting , but trendy. Variety of clothing stores and labels in USA , which we do not have here , allows people in the USA to be much more different and edgy. Also, the amount of people who listen hip hop and rap music, for example, is a lot smaller , so automatically , you will not see many people who dress in that type pf style.

When it comes to the style in UK , I must say that UK style is one of my favourites. They like to experiment a lot , to be edgy , to wear pieces that in theory are not matching at all , and make it look simple and fun to wear. To me , London is one of the best places where you can shop. UK is very expensive , but then again when it comes to shopping , there are so many cool affordable stores, with many interesting pieces.


6. As a fashion stylist, do you feel that there is a drought in creativity in styling?

I think that at some point every person that is creative will run out of inspiration , but that is nothing big or serious that can cause a drought in the process of making. Personally , I have days when I’m not 100% sure which items and how , would I want to style, I do not get a vision of finish product right away , which creates a mess in my head and billion styling options ,which I end up hating , so the best cure is just to step away for a minute , and it will all become clearer.


7. What is the difference between a stylist & a fashion shopper?

There are a lot of jobs that stylist in fashion, can do. You can be personal stylist , wardrobe stylist , fashion stylist… Fashion stylist is someone who supplies the clothing for photo shoots or videos , often borrow clothes from designers, style models , do fittings , etc… Personal shopper is someone who usually works for a store , and help you pick out clothes to buy. Also, sometimes they will prepare items in advance for you , so you can arrive to a full dressing room.

8. When you take a personal day for yourself what is your go to clothing to relax in?

The clothes that I feel most relaxed in , are definitely some nice pair of comfy leggings and some oversized,cute sweater or a T-shirt.

9. What is your TOP 5 fashion stylist that you look up to?

My #1 must be Monica Rose. I also like style of , Louise Roe, Ty Hunter (Beyonce.’s stylist) , Anita Patrickson and Mel Ottenberg (Rihanna’s stylist).

10. How can people contact you in the UK for styling tips or personal styling?


IMG_20150408_004336 IMG_20150408_004628

Above is Nini herself…


Ms. Z

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IT’S ST. PATTY’S DAAAAAAY!!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Lipstick Check family! I hope you’re wearing your GREEN 😉

Sunday was a special interview day for Lipstick Check TV. I was able to speak to Maryland’s own Make Up Artist and my good friend Fancy. About her beauty experiences and a serious topic that she is overcoming alopecia.

Her strength in this hair journey has really brought some awareness to this  situation. Her courage to open up and speak on this shows true strength. We were also talked about a product that really has helped her in this transition called The Mane Choice.

Here is our conversation… (I wore my CRAZY GREEN!!! Don’t Laugh!!! 🙂

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Thank you for everyone who came to watch the show and send in their questions. XOXO!!! Don’t forget to tune in this Friday for our regular schedule programing.


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#TBT Starting from the ground up!!!


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I had a great time talking to Kiss Marie Cosmetics CEO Aush Marie for Featured Fridays. Her “can do” attitude, eye for fashion, and product placement of what she wants out of her product gives a fresh perspective on the color lipsticks.

Listen in on our insightful talk about business, relationship, and being a entrepreneur!

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Prices are affordable and quick on shipment!

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